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A show about marriage.


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  • Thanks for sharing your story.

    posted by: Brian Ward on 2010-03-18 20:45:00

  • Beautifully told. Very touching story.

    posted by: Shells on 2010-04-14 10:45:00

  • Haunting. Excellent song to end it, too. ReCAPTCHA for this was \"in friction\". Weirdly appropriate.

    posted by: DaveNJ on 2010-03-16 01:39:00

  • Excellent. Sad story but well told, well edited and with wildly appropriate songs. I like all of the XOs but this was hands down my favorite. Great work, McNally.

    posted by: xath on 2010-03-16 14:30:00

  • Just wanted to drop a note to say that I\'ve been digging what you do. I know the amount of work that goes into each of these suckers. I appreciate your labor, and your sensibilities...

    posted by: James Spring (San Diego) on 2010-03-17 13:27:00

  • Hi Keith. This show is especially poignant. I listen repeatedly to many of your Podcasts - pretty much never to any others. Will you post a track listing for XO - 015? Love your work. Steve

    posted by: Steve Baker (Cart Horse) on 2010-03-15 06:58:00

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