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A show about Tracy Morgan's early life in Brooklyn.
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  • Wow! That was some raw emotion. Great episode! Keep it coming!

    posted by: Erin on 2009-11-15 17:53:00

  • I agree with you on NY, Keith. Tons of garbage is not an equitable trade for a \'wild mix of shit\', no matter how crazy it is. I\'ll take more bland and clean every time. I think most NYers think NY is what any big city is like. Sorry NY, tons of large cities do it right and are mostly clean (I\'ve lived in a few). In my opinion your priorities are in being trendy and self-hype, and not giving a shit about the basics in life - like cleanliness, civility, and compassion without an agenda.

    posted by: Casanova Frankenstein on 2009-11-16 08:33:00

  • Whoa, so Ayn is an ex-gf now. You guys sounded like you were making a go of it in your Montreal shows. Tracy Morgan sounded too much like Brian Fellows for me keep a straight face during that interview. re: NYC. I think it was the Crumb movie that pointed out to me how much \'junk\' visual clutter there is in an urban landscape. Telephone poles going not quite vertical, transformers, phone and cable junction boxes, midspan attachments- just all kind of junk cluttering up your eye lines. And thats even before you get into the discordant architecture and the need for 60 stories worth of apartments to condense their trash onto one sidewalk or loading dock for pickup. The inherent weakness of the city is that people go vertical , but the trash is concentrated at ground level.

    posted by: Biffy on 2009-11-16 22:42:00

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