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Walking home drunk from a dive bar leads to some mood swings.
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Category:XO -- posted at: 10:02 PM

  • Awesome show. You tell off those internet assholes Keith, rant on!

    posted by: Casanova Frankenstein on 2009-10-31 23:03:00

  • I love that you are Canadian. The Wankers, Will wank, until they are blue in the face. thanks for being real.

    posted by: lotte on 2010-02-14 15:49:00

  • Loved it; Anger Mastodon - Oblivion during your chat with the Brains Isis! Haven\'t even finished yet but this is gold - I\'m listening to the XO\'s in reverse order which will make the wind episode interesting to hear.

    posted by: Brianward81 on 2009-10-26 22:01:00

  • The anger is the other side of your wicked good creativity. It\'s better than being depressed instead and even when drunk you could still see the other side of things. I think the clip played on KATG didn\'t get across your stream of consciousness podcasting style: so much better than filtered bullshit. Also, on KATG the music couldn\'t be heard properly which detracted from the moods you create. The real XO show feels very different. Anyway, I think you\'re fucking cool, so here\'s a positive comment to add to your collection.

    posted by: Simon on 2009-10-28 16:50:00

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