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The release of a new Alice in Chains album, the first in 14 years, causes some teenage memories to resurface.
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  • I've been downloading and hoarding your podcast for a few weeks now. I save them to savor and listen to with my full attention. A little audio check out. I have very little free time. I am really loving the personal journal/narrative stuff. It goes without saying your editing and use of music is superb. The disaffected quality really resonates with my own oft hatred of people and incomprehension of their idiocy in our world. At times the caustic bitterness is pervasive but still rather interesting. I am soooo glad I discovered your podcast, thanks to the other Keith for mentioning it.

    posted by: TrickyToro on 2010-10-27 23:23:22

  • It’s been a while since I heard your podcast that was an anthem to Alice in Chains – but weird as it sounds, I think it touched me more than any other. Maybe it was my connection to the band at that most critical turning point in my life. I went from a kid loving the Monkeys (I know so embarrassing) and the Beatles, to the darker turns of music as my life changed. The first band that was the defining moment for me was Mr. Bungle – insane clown music, right? Then Dirt came out but I wasn’t so into it. Then I stumbled upon my connection with Alice in Chains by accident. Even though they were out there I never really listened so much until I found SAP. A friend of mine had it and the moment it hit my ears and heart I had to have it. However, it was impossible to find; I scoured every CD store in town to no avail… finally another friend was with me at the store when I was talking about how I must find this album… He told me he had it and I could have it at a price. I said “Fucking name it.” At the time the Lemonheads were really popular, I had the CD in hand; he told me if I bought him that CD he would give me his CD of SAP. I thought for a moment that I was crazy to consider it – I mean we were talking about 10 bucks and I was broke and I was bartering for a five song, used CD… two seconds of hesitation and Lemonheads was his and SAP was mine. I have never regretted the exchange since. As sad as it may sound, because this album is so deeply depressing, it defined who I became; it is who I am and I’m so glad this happened to me. It truly feels like fate. Even to this day, seventeen years later, it’s an album I pull up to center myself. I think that your thoughts expanded upon and gave voice to how I felt at that age and it’s really cool to be completely raw and go back there. Thank you.

    posted by: Beerchick on 2010-01-15 02:01:00

  • Recently discovered your podcast, listening through from #1... just hit this episode and wanted to say it\'s a great one. I wasn\'t going to post a comment until I hit the layne staley vocal bit at around 55min, and had to let you know how great it was to hear just his voice that like. Thanks so much for that. and everything. --Ed

    posted by: Ed Bilodeau on 2010-03-14 19:30:00

  • The wind hardly bothered me. It\'s a little loud,but on speakers it sorta\' just sounds like a low moan... however, I wasn\'t listening to it on headphones, so maybe it didn\'t sound as loud to me. Great episode. Fuck I love old Alice in Chains! Thanks for reminding me, Keith.

    posted by: flushstudios on 2009-10-20 12:30:00

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