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Drinking and thinking, two things that always go well together!

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  • Hey.. I've been listening to your podcast for a while, I discovered you through KATG, you do some pretty awesome shit; On a totally unrelated topic from this episode, I'm currently listening to the 74 hour podcast, and I'm roughly 17 hours in.. You talk about the game "Pitfall", for Atari. Although I didn't play the original, I fucking owned at the sequel for SNES.. Loved that game. Have you ever tried it? Opinions/thoughts? P.S: Loved Spooky's story about the redneck snake hunter/mechanic. Also, your game talk is pretty awesome. KATG is definitely not the same without you. Merry Christmas.

    posted by: Ryan on 2010-12-26 06:56:41

  • I love the guy who raps about 13 min in - he was good! I'd buy his album. :)

    posted by: Beerchick on 2010-12-09 15:02:40

  • to keith mcnally. i have just recently picked up on this podcast of yours and have two things i must show appreciation for: 1. your unbridled love for canada. for a long time i had seriously considered moving into the states for a relationship i was in, and each time i started to look into the visa thing, i would get super bummed out at how much i would miss this beautiful place. 2. your musical taste. a lot of these songs are already favourites of mine, that you stream throughout the podcast. and the others, i am happy to discover! keep podcasting, sir. :)

    posted by: sarah on 2010-11-24 20:57:51

  • Fire trucks turn Keith into old jewish man.

    posted by: Jenkins on 2010-11-20 04:02:35

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