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Keith McNally and Picard102 talk about the news that Keith Malley and Chemda have broken up. If you're not a KATG fan, this will make no sense to you.

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  • great job Keith and thanks for having some open conversation about an issue that was probably eating at people like it is with you and Picard. I am really not surprised (except by them keeping it quiet for so long). Keith was been frequently been talking about \"not letting my kid do x or y\" or references to a family and Chemda no longer questions where these kids are coming from. All the siblings in Chemda\'s family are deeply damaged and she wouldnt make a good wife/mother and I think she knows it and isnt willing to go down that road. I think the two acknowledged that they were going in different directions and needed to split. Doesnt make it any less of a shocker for the audience though.

    posted by: Biffy on 2010-05-31 09:45:00

  • I wish I could have participated in the conversation, but basically you two said everything I was thinking. The money thing is always strange. It feels odd donating to a \"show\" knowing that it\'s going, almost certainly and entirely, toward paying someone\'s rent. And in Keith\'s case specifically, I\'ve seen how he spends on drinks and food, and I dunno if I want to sign up to give him money. It\'s not entirely rational, but it feels different than buying the products/services for your other friends. In some ways I don\'t even mind that they broke up — I listen to loads of podcasts where the hosts aren\'t a couple — but it will be a fundamental change to the DNA of the show. Onwards and upwards, I guess.

    posted by: Scott PF on 2010-05-31 12:26:00

  • Great show. I really like the insight you provided on the idea of the KaTG show presenting the \"cartoon version\" of Keith and Chemda\'s relationship. I had never realized it, but as soon as you said it, a light bulb went on in my head; you completely hit the nail on the head. I also had to come to terms with what a shameless podcast nerd I am that I was fully engrossed in listening to a podcast that was entirely about another podcast. I won\'t tell if you don\'t. And the rabid video game fan in me has to take this opportunity to say that if you\'re looking for any other great, cheap PS2 games, check out Shadow of the Colossus or any of the Prince of Persia series.

    posted by: Kyle C on 2010-06-03 22:00:00

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