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  • G-D the MFer Saul Williams! The Professional Angry Black Man. More like the Hooper X character from \"Chasing Amy\", a mincing little gay boy when he is done with his latest angry screed. His mother was probably rushed out of a Godley and Creme concert to give birth to him. You\'re \"living hand to mouth\"? Maybe because its because your music sucks, your lyrics suck and you suck. Maybe shut your mouth and try using your hands to get a job. The guy is nearly 40 years old- at this point it should be obvious that his music career is not happening. By now he was hoping to be staring in Daddy Day Care III or being a fake cop on a fake cop show while maintaining his \"edge\". Well that didnt happen, the View didnt call and your \"outrage\" against the \"system\" would have been tired in 1995 and by now it stinks of desperation. Ab actu ad posse valet illatio, you little bitch. You tried peddling fake gravitas and you ended up on the remainder table. Saul should stay below the radar like his destiny, stay off Ham Radio and embrace his future as a home health care worker. Other than that, good Ham Keith. Can\'t wait to hear your tourist highlights.

    posted by: Biffy on 2009-07-21 12:24:00

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