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Caribou - Hello Hammerheads
Lovage - Lifeboat
TMNT / G.I. Joe Alternate Themes
The Paper Raincoat - Brooklyn Blurs (live)
Brad Sucks - Out Of It
Elliott Smith - Rose Parade
Elliott Smith - 2:45 am
Moist - Disco Days
Moist - Underground
Moist - Dogs
Space Quest Theme
Bionic Commando - Area Select
Mega Man 3 - Spark Man
Republica - From Rush Hour With Love
Erin Smith - One of the Boys
Melonworks - Sound of a Smile
Brad Sucks - Out Of It (acoustic mix)
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Category:I Have A Ham Radio -- posted at: 7:46 PM

  • Thanks for bringing in Brooklyn Blurs to my playlist. You, sir, are awesome. May your happiness never make the show suck.

    posted by: Butch on 2009-02-13 17:23:00

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