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All songs by Juliana Hatfield

You Are The Camera
Simplicity Is Beautiful
Choose Drugs
Bad Day
Little Pieces
The Lights
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  • Despite the current trials and dramas of your life, I gotta say I love the consistency with which you\'ve been putting out shows. My weekend has been a total McNally binge, to the point that you popped up in my dream last night selling bananas in an empty parking lot... weird to say the least. Anyway, life may get you down but who the fuck cares, cause your shit rocks!

    posted by: punch on 2008-10-12 10:17:00

  • If you enjoyed this podcast, then I suggest you purchase the excerpted book,\"WAAA- My Pussy Hurts:The Juliana Hatfield Story by Juliana Hatfield esq.\" Available at all fine Zayre department stores now!

    posted by: Josh Latta on 2008-10-19 11:32:00

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