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The Lemonheads - Rudderless (demo)
Juliana Hatfield - Hotels
Sloan - It's Not The End Of The World
Sloan - Light Years
Gene - Be My Light, Be My Guide
Ben and Jason - The Wild Things
Evan Dando - Hard Drive
Brad Sucks - Borderline (DU Remix)
Elliott Smith - Independence Day
Juliana Hatfield - The Fact Remains (demo) / Shining On
Sloan - Before The End Of The Race
Sloan - Cheap Champagne
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Category:I Have A Ham Radio -- posted at: 7:17 AM

  • She\'ll remember you. She may not have concrete memories of you from when she was 2 or 3, but she\'ll have a continuum of impressions that add up to \"you\". As long as you keep going back and seeing her, it will keep growing. No worries.

    posted by: germuhknee on 2008-10-10 05:50:00

  • Wow... Before this show, I wasn\'t sure if I liked the angry depressed Mcnally or the happy Mcnally more.. I think this show tips the scale a little more towards the depressed side. (freezing cold pissed off in Canada Mcnally ain\'t too shabby either...) I think it\'s kinda cathartic to hear someone elses pain instead of thinking about one\'s own messed up life. I also think I like pissed off Mcnally\'s musical tastes better, with that \'Hotels\' song really kicking my ass, and the Lemonheads demo too. later dude, keep keeping it real..

    posted by: Troy from Canada on 2008-10-17 15:56:00

  • wow, need to lighten up a bit.

    posted by: Ian on 2008-10-24 09:09:00

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