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The Beatles - Help!
John Lennon - Jealous Guy
Be Your Own Pet - Adventure
The Breeders - Iris
Nirvana - Verse Chorus Verse
Type O Negative - Black No. 1
Heatmiser - Blue Highway
Insane Clown Posse - We'll Be Alright
Mother Mother - Dirty Town
Snoop Dogg - My Medicine
Fiona Apple - Sullen Girl
Nick Cave - Sorrow's Child
Buck 65 - Phil
Billy Corgan - Of A Broken Heart
jdubsky - Dig (acoustic)
Jeffrey Lewis - Anxiety Attack
Black Flag - Rise Above
Matthew Seely - Untitled Composition by Scott Pilgrim
Smashing Pumpkins - Do You Close Your Eyes (demo)
Nick Cave - The Witness Song
Sam Roberts - Brother Down
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  • I enjoyed listening to your podcast, sir. Probably because I\'ve been having a lot of the same feelings myself lately. But I don\'t want to get all gay and shit and start talking about feelings. I\'m now subscribed, looking forward to your next episode.

    posted by: Shawno on 2008-04-15 00:43:00

  • Really like the third song. I think the band is actually called \"Be Your Own Pet\".

    posted by: germuhknee on 2008-04-10 10:43:00

  • Whoops, that\'s right. I\'ll fix that.

    posted by: McNally on 2008-04-10 17:41:00

  • Love the Ham. McNally - awesome Smashing Pumpkins songs on those DVDs I sent; look for Speed Kills from the Stand Inside Your Love single and Set The Ray To Jerry on the 1979 single. If you haven\'t heard em yet, do it. Great show - no bear spray, good tunes and some new gems I\'d not heard before.

    posted by: Brian Ward on 2008-04-13 21:49:00

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