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NoFX - My Orphan Year (acoustic)
Spinnerette - Cupid
Gym Class Heroes - Everyday's Forecast (demo)
Gowan - You're A Strange Animal
Doug Stanhope - Blog This!
Filter - Dose
GWAR - Ham On The Bone
Screaming Trees - Nearly Lost You
NoFX - We Called It America
Weezer - O Lisa
Ozma - Game Over (acoustic)
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  • Hey Keith, I heard you mention Pinback again on this episode, and it reminded me to send you over a few tracks that I like - they\'re the ones I always find myself skipping straight to whenever I put on either of the albums I have. Your mailbox is full though, so I guess I\'ll just post their names here and you can check them out if you like. I\'d actually recommend getting what I think is their debut album, simply titled \'Pinback\'. These songs are off both that album and \'Blue Screen Life\'. Anyway - I don\'t know if you\'ll like them or just be indifferent, but here they are: Blue Screen Life Album: Boo Penelope Pinback Album: Tripoli Shag Loro Thanks for such putting together such great shows. They really make my boring fuckin workday go by a lot faster. Good luck in Toronto! Sara

    posted by: PDXSara on 2010-01-22 18:21:00

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