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Two quick stories.

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Category:XO -- posted at: 12:46 PM

A segment from XO Episode 02: Road Trip.

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Category:XO -- posted at: 7:44 AM

A podcast about selective sound sensitivity disorder.

Direct download: XO-038-Misophonia.mp3
Category:XO -- posted at: 5:35 PM

Clips about creativity and life and stuff.

Direct download: XO-037-KnowThyself.mp3
Category:XO -- posted at: 11:32 PM

A show about the production and influence of Adam Cadre’s Photopia.

Direct download: XO-036-AboutPhotopia.mp3
Category:XO -- posted at: 7:58 PM

Jenn, an American living in Japan, sees a fight on a subway platform and tries to stop it.

Direct download: XO_-_035_-_The_Bystander_Effect.mp3
Category:XO -- posted at: 12:50 PM

Alison Bechdel, Billy Corgan and Kevin Smith talk about their parents.

Direct download: XO-034-Parents.mp3
Category:XO -- posted at: 7:34 PM

A little music video.

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Category:XO -- posted at: 7:01 AM

Louis talks about his family.

Direct download: XO-033-LouisCK.mp3
Category:XO -- posted at: 8:16 AM

Some leftover bits from previous episodes of XO.

Direct download: XO-032-Outtakes.mp3
Category:XO -- posted at: 12:38 AM

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